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Our plan is to involve all – or at least as many as possible – in the process of “healing” excess pollution.

The ton of carbon you purchase through our Environmental Heroes Program will be sold from our inventory, assuring you that a ton of CO2 greenhouse gas or equivalent has been destroyed. The ton of carbon you purchase through our Grassroots Program will either be in stock, or you will be able to have us certify the acquisition and destruction of your ton of carbon/or equivalent.

Those who contribute to the conservation of our natural resources are the true unsung heroes of the environment. Their collective efforts to generate capital for remedial purposes are invaluable. However, if we join their efforts, each in our own small way, the sheer mass of helping hands will generate extreme cash reserves – and a far better world. But the greatest accomplishment will be the sheer force of the many who have begun to contemplate good stewardship of our environment.

We welcome all challenges to our integrity and processes, as we believe you must be assured of the quality of your purchase.

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Footprint Calculator

Carbon emissions come from fossil fuels being burned for heat, electricity, automobile, etc.

The average household emits 25 tons of carbon annually. In monetary terms, the offset for the average family would be $150 per year. To use another example, a large family with a large home, not trying to conserve, will exceed a 100 tons of carbon annually, so the offset for this family would be $600 per year.

Our Goal

Environmental Watchdog's goal is to get more people involved for the greater good. By selling carbon credits, each participant can do his or her part to reduce these gasses in the environment.

For Example:
If 1 of every 10,000 households pays $150.00 (Total per 10,000 households: $150.00)

Environmental Watchdog's Goal:
1 out of every 2 households pays $6.00 (Total per 10,000 households: $30,000.00)

A lot doing a little is more than a few doing a lot.
Imagine a lot doing a lot!