Our Grassroots Project

“It was in the grass roots where you could truly understand a situation and effectively respond to it.” – Charles E. Funk, lexicographer

We’ve long known the gas venting situation is drastically out of control, so we want to initiate a solution now.

In addition to CFC’s, there are other gasses in vogue today, namely Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) and Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC). As these gasses replaced the vast CFC market, they too have been massively produced.

Our government allowed these CFC replacements to be tested by its Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP). These replacements were often mass-produced and sold in our refrigerant and air conditioning markets. These chemicals were blends of hydrocarbons, HCFCs and HFCs mixed together. Over time, these mixtures in conjunction with fractionating (changing composition from slow leaks) have greatly challenged the reclamation business. The net result for our friends, the HVAC 608 and Automotive 609 license holders, is bleak.

GRASSROOTS is the solution.

Our simple, yet effective solution is this: For each ton of carbon purchased from our GRASSROOTS project we will source mixed gasses from either an EPA Certified Reclaimer, or from the 608 and 609 license holders. The 608 and 609 license holders are faced with an average fee of $7.00 per pound to destroy this mixed gas. The Certified Reclaimers could probably get it done for $3.00 per pound, based on the fact they could source an Iso container to transport the gasses to a destruction facility. We want to at least rid the industry of all of its expenses in handling and destroying mixed gasses. Our ultimate goal is to pay them up to $1.00 per pound for collecting this gas, and we will dispose of the gas according to the EPA regulations.

Grassroots ton...BUY NOW $6.00

We transport these mixed gasses to a U.S. EPA certified reclaimer and have it tested, just as we do with CFCs. We use the same verifiers as the CFC destruction, and if they will not verify, then we will advise you of our methodology. Our respect for the exchanges is sincere. When a mixed gas destruction program is in place we will abandon our solo efforts and conform.

With any Grassroots movement, you need to by-pass some resistance.
Here is the naysayer point/resistance:

The government says, “It is illegal to vent.” We concur and embrace the law, yet nearly all gas is vented, and it’s time to solve the problem.

The exchange people fear our efforts will undermine all the hard work they put into getting where they are. However, we’ve already reduced hundreds of thousands of tons of CO2 equivalent by using the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) Mechanism. We also made verifying through CCX much stricter for ourselves. For example, we requested that, at our expense, the destruction facilities would maintain a sample of the gas we had destroyed. This will give confidence to any carbon buyer that our gas can be verified indefinitely. Furthermore, this strict procedure will ensure the integrity of the industry, keeping us, and our competitors, above board.